JOIN US Sunday June 9th, 2019 as we join Tattoo Studios around the globe for the SNAFI Flash Event.

All proceeds from the days event will be donated to TurnAround to assist with prevention, recovery and justice for sexual assault and rape recovery. 

We will be hosting an awesome group of artists that have volunteered their time for the SNAFI Flash Event, including our resident staff as well as a few guests! Each artist will be offering custom designed flash just for SNAFI! (Designs will be posted 1 week prior to the event.) Flash designs will range from $100-200, with 100% of proceeds being donated to TurnAround


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Each artist will have pre drawn Tattoo Flash designs to select from. Designs will range from $100-$200



Due to the nature of the event, we will only be accepting cash payment. This way we are able to transfer 100% of the proceeds to TURNAROUND, instead of paying a portion towards credit card transaction fees. Please plan accordingly


Due to the nature of the event, we will only be tattooing adults 18 years of age an older. We welcome our younger friends and family to swing in and join in on the other festivities, but we will not be able to tattoo them at the flash event


At 11am we will open the doors and begin sign-up. Spots will be first come first served. We suggest getting here early to select a design and ensure a spot!




“Still Not Asking For It” Goes Global

The tattoo world is confronting rape culture


[From NYC to Salt Lake City, to the rest of the world] Still Not Asking For It® tattoo flash fundraising event, expanded across the country and beyond last year, and is continuing to spread it’s reach even further in 2019. Tattoo shops around the world, as far as England, Europe & Australia, will be hosting Still Not Asking For It®  flash events in unison, on June 9th 2019. All proceeds from these events will be donated to local and national organizations, dedicated to prevention, recovery & justice for sexual assault and rape recovery.


More than 55 tattoo shops around the world will be contributing their time and efforts on June 9th; these flash events offer tattoo flash for collectors and enthusiasts, with all proceeds going towards the healing process for survivors  and criminal justice

reform,  to ensure that we create more safe and aware communities. The tattoo world is uniting and standing up to say that we’ve heard enough, we’ve seen enough, and we’ve had enough.

“I don’t want anyone to have the pain of sexual assault or rape,” says Ashley Love. “This is obviously a huge issue which will take time to overcome, but as a community, we CAN prevent people from the expanded pain of not feeling the urgency, recognition or support that they deserve.”

Still Not Asking For It® was founded by Ashley Love & Jessica Pilar in 2015. Following a personal traumatic event, Love (a tattooer of 16 years, now located in SLC, UT) found herself baffled by the lack of sympathy in her community. The two women, both living in NYC at the time, set out to make a statement in regards to the necessity of support. SNAFI was created to gather true allies, and push them forward into the light; while also raising funds for the organizations which help to heal and support survivors. Since the beginning, SNAFI has raised over $367,000 which has been donated to foundations such as Joyful Heart Foundation and dozens of local organizations in hosting cities. Not only do these events benefit survivors monetarily, but they also contribute to the healing journey that many survivors are on. Getting tattooed is a popular means of reclaiming one’s body; the experience can be extremely liberating and satisfying. These event days are over flowing with love and positive vibes.


“After past experiences that left me battling with my own body, this was an opportunity to reclaim myself.” remarks ‘L.’ “I now have a beautiful piece of art that reminds me I have control over my body and how I view myself.”


Still Not Asking For It will continue to expand in the future, offering annual flash events and worldwide art auctions.


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