We will be reopening by Appointment Only for all Tattoo and Piercing Services.  

We will temporarily be suspending services on Minors.


Studio Hours will 12 pm-6 pm until further notice.

All clients that had previously scheduled tattoo or piercing appointments that were canceled due to Covid-19 will be contacted by studio staff to reschedule, prior to scheduling new clients or services. Please do not contact us regarding rescheduling, as we will contact everyone once we have implemented our new schedules and protocols.  Please understand that appointments that are scheduled for an upcoming date (June-September) may need to be rescheduled as well to accommodate for limited studio capacity.

Clients that were physically or financially affected by Covid-19, that can not reschedule at this time, will not have their deposit forfeited. We will honor your deposit when you have the means to reschedule.


If you have been presenting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms; dry cough,  runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell, or fever or in close contact to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days please refrain from scheduling/ rescheduling at this time. Your deposit will be safe.


All clients will be emailed copies of Fidelity’s new Policies, Client Registration forms, and Waivers, that must be filled out and signed prior to arriving at your appointment.



  1. After you have contacted your artist or the studio to schedule your appointment, you will be emailed further instructions regarding your appointment.

  2. Please check your email and read, fill, and sign the linked documents. These must be signed and returned prior to arriving to your appointment. If you do not sign and submit these forms prior to your scheduled appointment, we will not be able to provide services to you.


  1. When you arrive at the studio please REMAIN IN YOUR CAR.

  2. PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR APPOINTMENT ALONE! Only the person that the appointment is scheduled for will be admitted into the studio. NO GUESTS! NO CHILDREN!

  3. Call the studio at 410-888-4204 to check-in. A staff member will notify your artist of your arrival. (This number is for Check-Ins Only)

  4. When your artist is ready, you will receive a call to let you know you may enter the studio.


  1. MASKS MUST BE WORN TO ENTER, and the entire time you are in the studio. 

  2. Please only bring the essentials; Photo ID, Wallet/ payment, phone, and keys.  Please leave everything else in your vehicle. You will be permitted to go outside and to your car for breaks during your appointment.

  3. When you are called to enter a staff member will greet you at the door and direct you to sanitize your hands and give you further instructions.


Thank You for your patience as we implement these changes!

tattoo appointments

To schedule an appointment for a piercing, or piercing related services: Jewelry Changes, Jewelry Downsizing, and Jewelry sales, please visit the link above. 

To request a tattoo appointment please visit the artist's page that you're interested in working with for information on how to book!